Universal Barrier – For All Signal Types

A single multi-functional I/O module replaces several traditional modules

The Universal Barrier by Pepperl+Fuchs allows the replacement of several traditional modules by just a single multi-functional I/O module

What characterizes milestones in technical development? They make things possible that were hardly imaginable before. Complex obstacles are overcome while freedom and flexibility remarkably increase. All these characteristics apply to the Universal Barrier by Pepperl+Fuchs whose introduction is surely more than just a small step for process automation.

This ground-breaking device means the replacement of several traditional modules by just a single multi-functional I/O module. As an addition to Pepperl+Fuchs’ proven H-System, it is an innovation which especially affects distributed control system (DCS) manufacturers like Honeywell. In order to unleash its full functionality, the Universal Barrier HiC2441 only needs an input card with the appropriate flexibility, like it is for instance being provided by Honeywell’s Experion Universal Process I/O.

Best of both worlds – standardization and flexibility

By using the Universal Barrier, you no longer have to worry about different signal requirements and possible limitations. Aside of these advantages in terms of standardization, the Universal Barrier HiC2441 also offers maximum flexibility.

Planning, engineering, parameterization, and maintenance are handled much easier with the Universal Barrier, while installation and commissioning are sped up as well. As you set up your system, you only have to attach required functionalities to the respective channels from your control side. Thus, parameterization in the field is a thing of the past.

Easy, quick, and safe installation

Thanks to remote access, parameterization changes that previously took days can now be handled within minutes via the universal input card of the DCS. This way, even ad-hoc changes to the requirements of a process automation project are successfully implemented. Additionally, the space occupied by spare components is dramatically being reduced as a single module can be stored universally and independent of signal type.

Honeywell and Pepperl+Fuchs – strong partners in process automation

True innovations are rarely the results of flashes of genius. In most cases, they are based upon rock solid know-how, long-time experience, and teamwork. This applies for the Universal Barrier as well. It was developed in line with the Universal I/O technology by Honeywell, and is the result of a partnership between Honeywell and Pepperl+Fuchs. This cooperation has led to innovative product solutions for process automation for the past 20 years.

Benefits at a glance

  • One barrier for all signal types
  • Self-adjusting, no settings necessary
  • Flexibility of the barrier improves project performance
  • Short-term changes are possible without any delays
  • Quick, easy, and trouble-free installation
  • Pre-assembled solutions accelerate project implementation
  • Standardized cabinets are possible, low error rate and planning effort
  • On-progress migration without unnecessary downtime or production loss
  • Reduced maintenance effort and easier storage by reduced part diversity


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